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  • Digital Publishing Giant(Publiseer) Partners With The Isaac Somto Foundation

    The Isaac Somto Foundation aims to reach out to Nigerians through altruistic feats, writing, creating an opportunity for works to be published easily -helping Nigerian authors showcase their various aesthetic writs- and other means.
    Our vision is to feature 100,000 Nigerian (African, by extension) innovative and creative writers in five years and in this vein, the foundation is delighted to announce a new partnership with digital publishing platform Publiseer. This is the very first for the foundation.

    This innovatory partnership forms part of the steps in fulfilling the aim of giving Nigerian writers a voice in the international literary space.
    What's more enthralling? Writers get to publish their works at no cost. Yes! Free of charge.

    What the partnership will offer Nigerian writers:

    1. A chance to get their works published
    2. A professional and beautiful cover
    3. A unique ISBN number
    4. Worldwide book distribution
    5. Standard book formatting
    6. EPUB conversion for easy distribution

    About Publiseer

    Publiseer, founded by Chidi and Chika Nwaogu, is a free digital publishing platform for independent Nigerian authors and artists.
    Publiseer lets Nigerian authors sell their books on over 400 major stores worldwide including Amazon, Googleplay store and Apple store for free so that the authors don't have to worry about paying any publishing fees. Instead, they can put all their budget into marketing their work.
    For more information on Publiseer, please visit their website at

    Publiseer gives undiscovered authors their first steps towards success in the way of achieving their mission to sell the creativity of Nigerians to the rest of the world and to promote the beautiful Nigerian culture through written words(books).
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